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 » Comment On: - NeoFlash NEO2-TF Official Review
FifthE1ement United States

  Fri, October 20th, 2006 at 06:44
Love the site retrohead and a great review!

This is such as shame as the neo team used to make sure great products. I am sad to see them to this point where half of their features don't even work as of yet. Not having GBA working?! WTF are they doing as this card has been in dev for almost a year now! And these are clean ROMs, since you really didn't say? Also do you see the resemblance to a clit in the way the product looks, lol?! Were you able to test the remote control, lol? This is a product almost all users should stay away from when there are so many quality products from SuperCard and M3 out there for purchase. Its almost like a joke product...

FifthE1ement  :ras:

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