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retrohead United Kingdom

  Sat, April 7th, 2007 at 04:12
ccosmos2 Today at 02:59

Thanks retrohead for this great review.  cool

And for the slight glitch effect that happens to the bottom screen on the menu under kernel v1.37, itĀ“s seems that you donĀ“t have the last shell here at ds-scene ;)

Shell v070328 vista standard
3in1.bmp is included in the new shell.

all you need for ezv

PS : DS-linux already use 3in1 extra memory ;)

*edited on 2007/04/07 03:20:28 by ccosmos2

IĀ“ll get those updated tomorrow. IĀ“ve been a bit ill and I started this review about a week ago so I must have missed the updates. IĀ“ll get that shell uploaded aswell if it isnĀ“t there when i wake up. Great to hear Linux is updated, I did check the homepage once more before I posted it but didn´t see it.

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