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Rob_Threat United States

  Thu, March 15th, 2007 at 11:14
ubercatfish Today at 09:47

* DivX media file
    * MPEG-1 Audio Layer-2 file
    * MPEG-1 Audio Layer -3
    * MPEG-1 media file
    * MPEG-2 media file
    * MPEG-4 media file
    * QuickTime media file
    * VCD video file
    * Windows media file
    * Real media file
    * Wave form sound file of Microsoft
    * Target´s file of DVD video
    * Dobly AC3 audio frequency file

I cant seem to get most of those working on mine.

They don´t play as-is on M3, but they can be converted to play on M3 with their Crystal Engine software. M3 does mean MoviePlayer3 after all. :yaylite:

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