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 » Comment On: - M3 Lite Perfect Offical Review
angahith Germany

  Wed, March 14th, 2007 at 23:08
I got a pink and a navy blue Lite case with mine, too.
And a GBA-sized white one. Which is pretty cool, since my DS is a phat.

GBA games work almost perfectly if you don´t run them through the patcher. (I read on the M3 forum that patching them often messes up things)
Just copy the blank save file from the game manager´s folder to the Gamesave directory and rename it to match the .gba file.
Sometimes they seem to act up a little for me, though. Messed up backgrounds and stuff, or even a few freezes, but it rarely happens. Still much better than carrying all my GBA games around with me.

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