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 » Comment On: - R4DS Version Comparison
SkinnyV Canada

  Fri, February 23rd, 2007 at 01:28
Just want to let you guys know that there is apparently a third revision with the language pad removed just like they removed the conversion pad. So be careful if you did like me and ordered the chinese version thinking you would be able to switch it to english to save a few buck, I was lucky and got the second revision but you might not be this lucky:P

I finaly found a picture proving this on fatwallet.com:

Some dude found a way of doing the language mod even with the third revision but I don't advice people to try to do the same as it is a ''really'' risky process and you can easily use the chinese version without undertanding chinese at all.

Original thread for discussion about it is:


*edited on 2007/02/23 01:52:03 by SkinnyV

*edited on 2007/02/23 01:55:28 by SkinnyV

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