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 » Comment on: Rules - So I haven't found them
Athmel United States

  Thu, April 18th, 2013 at 04:03
I don't think anyone who came here to download ROMS is going to stick around for any length of time. The fact that they make it past the box tick when signing up, and (probably) click on the archive file, and yet still ask about roms - or sometimes post something asinine like "thanks" because they think it will unlock a secret link - removes much of my sympathy. It's also pretty easy to find sites that do host ROMS and say that they do. However I think I've always been a banning-as-last-resort sort of person, and would probably save it for the individuals advertising ROM download sites and posting links to them.

Regarding the archive link though, if it were just text instead of a link, I could still imagine people posting "thx" to 'unlock it'. I don't believe there is an easy solution to deter people who think this site is one of those those that post commercial games but claim that they don't to stay 'under the radar.'

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